Sheriff Blotter

Monday, Feb. 3

9 a.m. While at the Giant Gas Station in Dolores an officer was contacted by a female subject. The female requested that the officer look for a green 2001 Ford F-150 that was registered to her husband. The female said there was another female that was reported as a runaway and was driving the F-150 and that the runaway did not have a valid driver’s license and thought she was in Cortez with the vehicle. While traveling southbound on Highway 145 approaching CR M, the officer saw a vehicle matching the description at the eastbound stop sign of CR M at Highway 145. The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and detained the female by placing her in handcuffs. As the officer approached the vehicle to retrieve the keys he could smell the strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer asked the female if she had smoked marijuana in the vehicle, and she said she had about 10 minutes prior to being pulled over. The female was asked to perform roadside maneuvers, which she did not complete as well as a sober person would. The female refused all chemical testing. The officer called the owner of the vehicle, who gave him permission to search the vehicle. The officer found a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana and also a lunch baggie with a green leafy substance. The officer transported the female to the jail where her mother met them. The female was charged with driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license, drove vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both, possession of paraphernalia and offenses relating to marijuana. Both the female and her mother signed the summons. The marijuana in the lunch baggie weighed 2.72 grams.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

12:16 p.m. An officer was contacted be a female who told the officer that she was calling in behalf to a third party. According to the woman, the third party had witnessed approximately five goats, which had died or were dying on some property on Highway 491. The officer arrived at the address at approximately 12:46 p.m. and attempted to contact the owner of the property. The officer was only able to contact the man by phone. Before the officer contacted the man he observed an animal pen that was covered in snow. The officer also used his binoculars and he could see at east two of the goats had died and were partially covered by snow. The officer asked the man to tell him about the dead goats. The man said the goats had died back in the beginning of November during the cold weather spell the area encountered. The man also said that the goats did not have any type of shelter at any point in time. The officer arranged a time on Feb. 6 to meet the man in person at the location. The officer met with the man and asked if he could ask him some additional questions. The man said, “Yes Sir, I have nothing to hide, I know I did wrong”. The man said he purchased the goats in April and placed them in the pen with no shelter provided at anytime and also said the only thing he fed them was hay. The man told the officer that he did not remove the five goat carcasses off the property because he did not have the time. The man was charged with Cruelty to animals.

Saturday, Feb. 8

9:33 p.m. An officer contacted a clerk at the Giant Gas Station in Dolores for a report of shoplifting. While on the phone with the woman she stated she has been having problems with a male coming in and asking her to buy him alcohol. She said tonight he came in and asked her again. The woman said the male then walked over to the cooler where the beer is kept, grabbed a 24 oz. of Pap’s Blue Ribbon beer and left the store without paying for it. The woman said she wanted to press charges and asked to give the male a trespass warning because he was not welcome back at the gas station. The officer was unable to contact the man but will continue his attempts.