Sheriff Blotter

Sunday, Feb. 9

6 p.m. Dispatch requested an officer call a man about a possible child abuse case. Upon the officer’s contact with the man at his residence he told the officer that he believed his son was being abused his sons mother. The man said he has joint custody of his son and he gets him every other week. He said when he picked him up from his mother earlier he noticed he had a bruise under his left eye. The man said he asked his son how he got the bruise and he said that his mommy hit him. The man also told the officer that his mother-in-law also heard his son state that his mother hit him. The officer looked at the boy and noticed a small bruise that was fading below his left eye. The officer asked the boy if he could tell him what happened to his eye. The boy put his head down and stated his mom hit him. The boy was 2 years old and it was difficult to talk to him. The officer contacted the boy’s mother at the station. The woman said her son was playing when he fell and hit his eye on the bathroom counter. She said she would never hit her child and that she believes her son’s dad told the police that she hit him was because he did not want her to get custody of him. The officer contacted the man and told him what happened, the man thanked him for finding out what happened to his son.

Monday, Feb. 10

10:16 p.m. Dispatch requested an officer respond to a resident for an intoxicated individual who had a shot a shotgun in the house. Upon arrival the officer contacted the man that shot the gun. The man said that he was watching a French film and his girlfriend began stomping on the ceiling of his room from her room. He said he grabbed his shotgun and pointed it at the air vent in the ceiling and shot one round in an attempt to get her to stop. The officer and his backup had to carry the man down two flights of stairs because he was resisting arrest. They placed the man in the back of the patrol vehicle. The officer then spoke with the woman, who said she went to bed and heard the man start to watch TV or listen to music very loudly. She said she stomped on the floor because that was a sign to let him know that she was ready for bed. She said he wouldn’t turn the volume down so she continued to stomp on the floor, heard a gunshot and called 911. The man was charged with prohibited use of a weapon, reckless endangerment and domestic violence.