Obama, Democrats seem to dislike America

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What a president we have. He disdains the Constitution, refuses to discuss anything with the Republicans and believes anyone who is conservative is to be destroyed. He uses any and all federal agencies to help him accomplish the silencing of these groups and individuals who disagree with his socialist agenda.

It seems he’s never liked this country. Anything he’s ever written has made it clear he blames this country and its people for everything wrong in the world. It’s our fault the terrorists exist and his complete disrespect for Israel is sickening. The Arabs are the ones saying Israel has to be destroyed, but somehow Israel deserves it. All they’ve ever wanted is to be left alone in their tiny country but the Arabs will have none of it.

Between Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not to mention Secretary John Kerry, the world now looks at us as weak and stupid. That may be true of the Democratic Party, but those of us who love this country believe being strong keeps us free and that smaller government is a necessity. Conservatives are neither weak nor stupid. Think about these things when you vote in the mid-term elections. Our future is in your hands. Don’t make the same mistake again.

Catherine Spencer