Sheriff earned critic’s respect — and vote

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I recently wrote a letter to editor (Journal, Feb. 7) expressing concern over costs of new car leases and fleet utilization by the sheriff’s office. The day the letter was published I got a phone call from the sheriff and we met for coffee. The sheriff cleared up a few details that were missing from the big picture of the purchase, starting with fleet utilization and the true costs to the county (he is taking the correct approach in light of circumstances), and going on to oil usage.

The SUV’s that have been ordered are not the big grocery getters that Kardashians drive, they are smaller, and will get better mileage than the current fleet, having no light bar on top and no brush guards on front will cut wind resistance. Most of all I learned that this sheriff has an open mind and is very concerned about using resources in the most efficient manner, in a larger energy system that is plagued with inefficiencies.

Sheriff Spruell earned my respect, and he earned my vote. There is no leadership coming out of Washington these days, I feel better knowing that leadership is possible at the local level, and we have a sheriff who is not making impulse decisions when it comes to taxpayer money.

I apologize to the sheriff for jumping to conclusions, and the Rupert Murdouchesque ad hominem attack approach of my original letter. Sheriff Spruell a good, thoughtful man we are lucky to have in office, and his door is always open to any of us who have concerns.

Nels Werner