Setser named Dolores Fireman of Year

Dolores Fire Department hold an ice-rescue class at the Dolores pond on Feb. 23.

Dolores Fire Department is bustling with training and activities.

The department has had an ongoing rookie training class that takes place once a week in which our new members and also a few of our seasoned members have been learning various things like engineering trucks, smoke reading, SCBA training and more. Our new members are proving to be very dedicated, hard-working and committed to learning.

On Sunday, Feb. 23, several of our Department members held an ice-rescue class at the Dolores water supply pond on Highway 145. Firefighters practiced several rescue techniques for removing people who have fallen through ice. With McPhee reservoir and the Dolores River nearby, it is imperative to be trained and prepared.

Dolores Fire Department held its annual banquet on Feb. 15. We had a great turnout, including board members, medics from Southwest Memorial Hospital, and members from nearby departments. The prime rib was awesome, thanks to our fabulous chefs. Thank to all who brought side dishes and participated.

Honored at the banquet were several of the department's retired fireman, our new members and the Fireman of the Year award was presented to Don Setser by Chief Zion for his hard work and endless dedication. Years ago, Setser was also the recipient of the Rookie of the Year award. Don's experience and knowledge are vital to our department.

Also acknowledged for dedication was Cindy Ramsay for all her constant work and tending to all that needs tended. Gina Kotarski presented her wonderful yearly poem that made us all smile.

The department also wants to thank the local Girl Scout troop for the Valentine's Day decorations left for us at the fire station. They were the perfect touch for our banquet.

Emergency response notes

Up-to-date numbers for the department are: EMS calls, 10; fire-related, including mutual aid, 9.

Kimberly Jones is the Dolores district public relations officer.

Dolores Fire Chief Mike Zion presented Don Setser with Fireman of the Year award. Enlargephoto

Courtesy Photo/Kimberly Jones

Dolores Fire Chief Mike Zion presented Don Setser with Fireman of the Year award.