Sheriff Blotter

Wednesday, Feb. 19

10:44 a.m. An officer was running radar on CR G when he saw a vehicle traveling faster than the posted speed limit of 40 mph. The radar read a clear and constant tone, as well as a visual reading of 65 mph. The officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the driver why she was going so fast. She said, “What? I was only going 60, maybe 61.” She was very uncooperative and kept insisting on letting her children out of the vehicle to urinate. The officer informed her that letting the children out of the vehicle during the traffic stop was just unsafe for them. The officer issued the woman a summons for speeding 65 to 40 mph over posted speed limit.

11:04 a.m. An officer called and spoke with a woman in reference to identity theft. The woman said she received a bill in the mail on Feb. 15 from Verizon in the amount of approximately $500. She said she does not have an account with Verizon; she goes through AT&T. The woman said this happened about a month prior to this occurrence as well, which she also called and reported. She said she spoke with Verizon who deleted the account and dismissed the charges and that Verizon is now conducting their own investigation in house. The woman is not out any money but wished to report the incident based off the fact someone is trying to use her identity. The woman doesn’t know who would be trying to use her identity and said her husband pays all their bills online and has never sent any through the mail.

Friday, Feb. 21

2:44 p.m. An officer contacted a woman about a theft of a road sign. The woman said she believes her neighbor stole a red road sign she had paid the County of Montezuma to put up. The woman said her and her neighbor have had a neighbor dispute that hasted for a while. She said her neighbor wanted her to sign over the roadway on her property to him and she refused to do so. For medical reasons the woman asked the county to put up a private road sign. At the time the woman said she was not living on the property but when she came back she noticed the gravel on the road and the sign was missing. She contacted Montezuma County and paid $50 for them to install another private road sign. When she left Dec. 5, 2013, the sign was still there. On Feb. 21, when she returned, she noticed the sign gone. The officer will follow up with the woman’s neighbor.

6:40 p.m. An officer arrived at Dolores High School in reference to an intoxicated male yelling at students and stopping traffic. The reporting party told the officer he was contacted by several students that said a man was running toward them and screaming at them. The man said he went outside to confront the male and observed the male running and screaming at students. The man said he could not understand the male because his speech was mumbled and he was also disturbing the peace and causing problems with the students. The man confronted the male and told him he needed to leave the school property. The man gave a description of the male to the officer. The officer believed he knew the man who was described. The officer also heard over dispatch that there was a male yelling and screaming at individuals at the Hillside Apartments. The officer knew that the man described lives in the Hillside Apartments. The officer arrived at the male’s apartment and heard a female voice say, “Knock it off”. The officer opened the door to the apartment and saw the male yelling at a female in her face. The officer placed the man under arrest. The man started making a scene cussing at the officer telling him to remove his handcuffs so he could fight him. The man took a PBT and blew a 0.265. The man was charged with disorderly conduct.