City clerk corrects election date blunder (it’s April 8)

April Fool’s Day came early at City Hall.

According to City Clerk Linda Smith, a citizen noticed that the municipal election was mistakenly scheduled for April 1 and alerted a city council member.

“Turns out, the citizen was correct,” Smith said.

The municipal election will be April 8.

Smith, who has been city clerk for 17 years, had announced that elections would be held on April 1. After reviewing the city charter, she saw her mistake.

According to the charter, municipal elections are required to be held on the first Tuesday in April. Smith, however, didn’t realize that the charter also stipulates that the election is held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in April. April 1 is the first Tuesday, but April 8 is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April.

Smith said the city’s website has also been updated to reflect the proper election date, and notices will also be delivered with city water bills.

Candidates now have until March 7 to file qualifying papers.

Smith said three candidates have successfully filed for the election, including city council incumbents Bob Archibeque and Shawna McLaughlin. Former Mayor Orly Lucero has also filed as a candidate.

Smith said Raquel Moss and Jim Price are also expected to file nomination forms.

Four posts are open. The top three voter-getters will serve four-year terms, and the fourth will be assigned to a two-year term.

The new seven-member city council, which will be sworn into office on April 22, will appoint the new mayor and mayor pro-tem by majority decision.

Municipal election poll locations include the Montezuma County Annex Building for residents north of Main Street and the Montezuma Valley Presbyterian Church for those south of Main Street.

Absentee ballot applications are available at City Hall through Friday, April 4.

The deadline to register to vote for the April 8 election is March 10.

Seats up for election include Mayor Dan Porter’s and councilmember Matt Keefauver’s, both who are term-limited, along with two posts held by council incumbents Archibeque and McLaughlin.

Council members are paid $400 per month.

Council members Karen Sheek, Ty Keel and Tom Butler are not required to run for re-election. Their terms in office expire in 2016.

For additional information, call the city clerk at 564-4008.