Dolores 80 Years Ago

Taken from the March 9, 1934, Dolores Star.

The Dolores Post Office was moved Sunday from the T.H. Akin building in the main business block on Central avenue to the C.W. Lilly building on fourth street. This change was made in the face of vehement protest on the part of Mr. Akin, supported by a number of Dolores citizens. The controversy reached its climax at the town board meeting Tuesday night when approval of the building of the addition to the Lilly building came up for consideration. Town Attorney S.W. Carpenter was firm in the stand that the frame-stucco building, upon which construction was suspended last week, did not comply with specifications of the town ordinance. This position was sustained by the members of the board and after considerable debate, Mr. Lilly agreed to construct the requirements, which means that it shall be of stone, concrete brick, terracotta or equivalent material. The board approved the proposition to rebuild the structure of cement blocks.

The CWA gravel crew has been busy this week on Seventh Street, which is the thoroughfare upon which the Star office is located. The street is being given a good coat of crushed river gravel, which will prevent mud being a bother for a long time to come.

Oliver J. Lancaster, a young man who came into the county a few weeks ago and has been stopping at the Grover Chadd home on Summit Ridge, was arrested this week by Sheriff W. W. Dunlap and Post Office Inspector M. G. Wenger, on a charge of having written a note demanding money from Chas. Starr, one of the owners of the famous Red Arrow mine, east of Mancos. The note is alleged to have been written by Lancaster last December and it was reported to federal authorities.

It is said that Lancaster demanded a considerable sum of money from Mr. Starr, soon after the latter had become known as a wealthy man on account of the Red Arrow discovery. Lancaster is said to have threatened Starr with dire calamity if the money was not paid at once and even gave the rural box number to which the money was to be delivered.

The Star has just received word that an emergency crop loan office has been opened at the office of H. V. Pyle at Dolores, and farmers desiring loans should apply between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The maximum amount of an emergency crop loan that may be obtained by any one individual is $250, the minimum is $25.

Mrs. J. H. Lynton, sr., was happily surprised last Sunday, march 4, when a jolly party of relatives and friends gathered at her home to help her celebrate her 76th birthday.

Shannon Livick