New school rewards chronic failure

Keywords: Durango Herald,

I find the situation the school district is in to be quite interesting. For some reason, the students in this district don’t seem to feel that an education is necessary, thus the accreditation scores have been failing for the past four years, reaching an all-time low of 43 percent. Are you kidding me? Forty-three percent? Where are the parents of these students? Are they not aware of how terribly their children are doing in school, or do they just not care and don’t want to get involved?

So, after four years of miserable results, the school district finally decided it needs to do something about it. What took the district so long? Back in the day, manners, respect and hard work were rewarded with job promotions, scholarships to college, etc. Whatever happened to study hard, participate in activities, try to be the best you can be? So, what do we do when our students just don’t give a darn about their education? I know: Let’s reward them by building them a new $42 million high school! That should inspire them to study — not! If they don’t care, they just don’t care! And, if I read the newspaper correctly, if the test scores don’t come up dramatically, the state can take over the school, and/or possibly even close it! Where does that leave our expensive new school? What an oxymoron: rewarding failure. Amazing!

Pat Tulio