Five of 7 district races canceled

Only Lewis-Arriola and Cortez sanitation districts will vote May 6

Because of a lack of candidates, five of seven upcoming special district elections have been canceled.

The Cortez Sanitation District and the Lewis-Arriola Fire Protection District, however, had enough candidates to qualify and will hold elections on May 6.

The polling precinct is at the County Annex, 103 North Chestnut St. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day.

Three challengers and two incumbents hope to secure one of three seats as directors of the Cortez Sanitation District. Current CSD board president Dave Waters and board member David Kimble have filed self-nomination forms for re-election. Other candidate hopefuls who’ve thrown hats into the race are Ray Fox, Tim Robinson and Ryan Griglak. The five candidates are seeking one of three seats with four-year terms on the board.

The Lewis-Arriola Fire Protection District also holds an election on May 6. Douglas Muscanell and Kathryn Kay Garlinghouse are the only candidates seeking to fill two four-year terms and Thomas Gilliland, William Blackmer and Rick Newby are battling for two two-year terms.

The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot in both special district elections is April 29, and mail-in ballots must be submitted by May 2. To obtain a mail-in ballot, contact Luann Meyer, the designated election official for both agencies. Her office is located at 9 E. Montezuma Ave. She can be reached at (970) 565-4545.

Five previously special district elections have all been canceled because of a lack of qualifying candidates.

At the Dolores Conservation District, candidates Lon Varnis and Joanne Teetzel were declared elected to serve four-year terms after the canceled election.

At the Dolores Fire Protection District, Eric Breitenbacj and Chris Meyer were each declared elected to serve four-year terms.

At the Mancos Fire Protection District, candidates Vance Koppenhafer and Gerald Wittwer were both declared to serve four-year terms after its canceled election.

The Montezuma-Dolores County Metropolitan Recreation District, known as the Southwest TV Translator Association, also canceled its election. Tony Aspromonte, Stanley Eubanks and Arthur Thomas were all declared elected to serve four-year terms.

Finally, the Montezuma County Hospital District canceled its election. Gala Pock, Bradley Wayt and Joseph Matthews were declared to serve four-year terms; and Dred DeWitt, Bob Waggoner and William Thompson were declared elected to serve two-year terms.