River Talk: High school seniors work on park

Joe Rowell Park has been busy this week as Dolores High School seniors have taken to the park to make a few good improvements. While the rest of the Dolores High School and Dolores Middle School hunker down with No. 2 pencils in their hands, taking TCAP tests all week, the seniors headed to the park. Seniors in high school are not required to take the tests, so the majority of them are working on a service learning project.

The park is getting new bleachers near the baseball fields and is getting spruced up elsewhere.

Look to the Star next week for more on this exciting community service project under the direction of Mr. Munson.

At the Ag Expo

Many people enjoyed the Four States Ag Expo over the weekend. Many Dolores residents were seen walking among the tractors, animals and agricultural booths.

It was fun chatting with Lucy Butler of Mesa View Yak Ranch, near Dolores. Butler showed off her unique animals and invited as many people as she could to head out to her ranch near Dolores to check out the animals.

She had some wonderful scarves and shawls on display made from the yak wool. She said you don't sheer the animals, you comb them and then spin their wool.

She added that she intended on bringing her prize yak to the show, but she broke a horn while loading in the trailer and had to stay home.

There is a mini music festival happening at the Dolores River Brewery this week.

Beginning on Thursday, Eilen Jewell will play at 8 p.m. Then on Friday, The Giving Tree will perform. And don't miss Saturday's show featuring Jade Masque. The brewery is located in Dolores, 100 S. 4th Street. Call 882-HOPS, or visit doloresriverbrewery.com

Registration is open for the 20th Annual Pueblo to Pueblo Run/Bike event coming April 26. This year's event features a half-marathon, a 5K run/walk and a 50-mile bike event. It's a fundraiser for the Cortez Cultural Center. Call (970) 565-1151.

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