Police, sheriff’s, fire employees chip in

Late Sunday afternoon while working in my yard, the wind suddenly brought significant smoke from a brush fire that had apparently been recently set on the north side of walking path that parallels Sligo Street in Cortez. I called 911. Meanwhile, a Montezuma County sheriff’s officer was driving by, saw the smoke and accompanied me to investigate. A Cortez City police officer responded quickly as did the Cortez Fire Department. Since the ditch carrying irrigation water to Cortez was encased in pipe, most of the trees on the north side of the path have died, leaving considerable fuel for fire. The fire did jump the path but because of the quick work of the Fire Department, damage to our property was minimal. All who helped in this effort were courteous, profession and efficient. We are most fortunate to have such dedicated people serving our community.

Jack & Judy Schuenemeyer