Letter of the Week Protect workers from wage theft

Do you know that every day hundreds of people across our state are or become victims of wage theft? Under current law, employees that experience wage theft must submit a written demand to their employer within 60 days after leaving their job. If they fail to do so, they cannot get statutory penalties for the wage theft. A new bill being proposed right now by some our state legislators (known as the Income Protection Act) would remove the written demand requirement except when an employee files an action in civil court against their employer, in which case they need to make a written demand 14 days prior to filing their complaint to allow the employer to respond to the demand. This is a commonsense bill that would help to ensure a policy of honest work for honest pay for all Colorado workers. Our leaders, especially in the House, need to hear from their constituents about the importance of passing the Protection Act for all workers' earned incomes.

Nicole Mosher