Library presentation on herbal healing

Learn how to heal yourself using herbs and spices from your own kitchen at the Dolores Public Library this Saturday at 1 p.m.

Patricia Scholes, of A Willowbark Tea, will give a presentation on how adding natural herbs to meals can improve health.

"People have forgotten how to use herbs for their health," Scholes said. "It used to be more common, but now chemicals are used to treat ailments with bad side-effects."

People don't realize that in their own spice rack has healing properties.

"Always check with your doctor first, but I want people to realize that natural herbs are available as a substitute," she said.

Scholes will share recipes for common ailments and also knows about backyard remedies. Willowbark, for example, works as a mild analgesic, and cilantro aids digestion and reduces gas.

"There is a wealth of material right in our own kitchens, I want to help people get started cooking with healing herbs," she said.

Her book Healing Herbs From Your Kitchen is available on Amazon. Her website is