Pay attention to whistleblowers

Read with interest the County Health Department whistleblowers not being heard. This same Health Dept. within our County, never reported a Massive Sinclair Product Diesel and Petroleum Spill by its Franchise Dealer in 2006, at Mile Marker 51 in view of Mesa Verde National Park. It took court order to even get one document, to inform the property owners of 3 different parcels. Denver Dept. of Oil and Public Safety – Event I.D. 10184 now reports the contaminate chemicals at 25 to 30 feet deep in saturation and over 300 times allowable. Cancer-causing ethyl benzene and xylene have been detected in a January 2014 report, as far away as 700 feet and completely across Highway 160, South of the original spill. As one of those parcel owners, I have never had contact from Montezuma County Health regarding this. If you seek air pollution sources, look no farther than MM51.

Just an other whistleblower.

Ray McCarty