Alec Taber

Funeral services for Alec Taber were held at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 28, at the Dove Creek High School gym. Interment followed at Peel Cemetery.

Alec was born November 13, 2001 and passed away Saturday, March 22, 2014 at his Dove Creek home. Alec was 12.

Alec was given the task of picking a family in 2001. He had to pick a good one because he wouldn’t have a lot of time. His dad would have to be strong and willing to do things different than some parents – he picked Bobby Taber. His mom would also have to be strong – his life would take them down some difficult paths – he picked Kerri Gersch.

When time is short you have to be focused – Alec had no time for chit chat – he said what he needed to say – no more no less. Kambrie introduced Alec to a friend, “This is my cousin Alec – he doesn’t say much”, to which Alec looked up from what he was doing, acknowledged their presence, and continued with his project. Start a conversation about the Steelers though, and the names and statistics started flying.

He developed a habit of twirling his mom’s hair around his finger – one of those comfort things. Kerri was laying with him in his hospital bed, Alec twirling her hair, when his finger became entangled. Neither one of them could reach the call button in their predicament so they waited for a nurse to come in – scissors were the only option and Kerri lost a little hair to free them.

Rock crawling was one of the passions Alec shared with us. He loved the social scene and his analytical mind made him a natural. He could walk into any pit and strike up a conversation or grab a wrench and help fix things. He could pick lines and drive them, whether in his battery powered monster truck or in the side by side.

Football, baseball and wrestling were the loves of Alec’s life. Alec’s body betrayed his natural ability but he didn’t give up. He did his best in spite of the odds. Alec’s mentors instilled compassion along with a competitive spirit that made him a fierce competitor. Always there to give an encouraging word and a pat on the back or a hug, yet when the flag dropped or the whistle blew it is game on!

Rock racing in the back yard and announcing the play by play was one of his favorite games. He would pick which driver he was, then you’d pick which one you wanted to be. We’d pull wagons through the course, negotiating obstacles and swapping leads. Alec would announce as he was pulling his wagon letting the neighborhood know who was having trouble on an obstacle or which driver won that heat.

Alec wasn’t afraid of a microphone. From school programs to the person at an event wanting to interview someone, Alec wanted to share what was in his heart and on his mind.

Alec chose a family with brothers and cousins and grandparents and uncles and aunts. Cole and Carson saw what a great family Alec picked, so they picked Bobby and Kerri too. Friends and neighbors and classmates and people from all around the country were touched by his life.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Alec Taber Memorial Scholarship Fund at Community Banks of Colorado.

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