U.S. is not weak — ask Europe

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Crimea: We are weak with out it. Our whole nation will be a laughing stock if Russia takes Crimea. How many times must we hear this? We are not weak! Our one-time rulers are now the banana republic of Europe. We say jump, the Brits say how high. What did the peasants of Egypt tell the United States when they had a coup? What did Ukrainians say as they stormed and took down their leaders, in yet another coup? None of them wanted our aid, only our understanding. The one nation that begged us for intervention was Syria. Lately, Republicans, mostly McCain, waited until it was too far gone. Republicans said we should help one terrorist group defeat another. We saw how well that went with Afghanistan. Democrats ignored the Syria conflict for just as long. Our foundations are crumbling we cannot continue to build an empire on them. So why do we continue to build? We must focus on the United States. We are not weak. Ask Europe.

Colin Kinkade