Affordable health care is available

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I wanted to take a moment to discuss health insurance with young people in the community. Not the most exciting topic, I admit, but it is critically important for residents of all ages. The national health care system needs new citizens to insure — especially healthy, young people. If young folks sign up en masse, prices will go down for everyone and we can begin to benefit from a better health care system.

Just after the New Year, I began exploring my health care options on the Colorado Health Exchange, knowing that I would be dinged on my taxes if I did not get coverage before the end of March. To my surprise, I found that because of my low income and status as a graduate student, I qualified for expanded Medicare coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Now when I go skiing, climbing or drive Red Mountain Pass, I feel more secure knowing that I am covered and my family won’t have to pick up the tab if I get injured. That should be a lesson to students, food servers and all kinds of part-time, underpaid, young workers: There is affordable, comprehensive health insurance out there waiting for you! Just take the time needed to engage the system through the Colorado Health Exchange, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It’s not too late to get coverage and avoid paying a fine instead of a health insurance bill!

Phillip Supino