Jama Collins secures $500 grant to boost flower project

Flowers bring a lively look to any downtown, and Jama Collins is hoping to enliven the storefronts in Mancos this spring.

"If there's flowers out, it's fresh-looking - it looks like somebody cares," Collins said.

Collins worked on this project last year, and this year she secured a $500 grant from the town that she has decided to use for soil in the planters.

She is inviting business owners to participate by buying a $35 galvanized oval tub planter that could be used year after year in front of their business.

She is leaving the plant selection up to volunteers and business owners so it will be an interesting mix. She is also planning to approach a few of the farms near town to contribute.

"I am hoping to see some edibles, maybe herbs or even a tomato plant in a mix of flowers," she said.

Planting will be a group event but the date has yet to be determined.

To maintain the project it will be necessary for volunteers to adopt planters and water them, although some businesses will take care of their own.

It is Collins' vision that the planters would extend down Grand Avenue to Valley Video.

"It would be so lovely to be known as the town with all of the beautiful flowers," she said.

To help, contact Collins at 799-8859.