Dolores 80 Years Ago

Taken from the Friday, April 13, 1934, pages of the Dolores Star

That the Red Arrow mine, on East Mancos, is to prove one of the greatest gold discoveries in the world is no longer to be questioned.

Within the week, the word has come from Mancos of the opening for the Red Arrow vein some 4,000 feet west of the original discovery and that ore taken from across the face of the tunnel ran a thousand ounces of gold to the ton. Which at present gold value means $35,000 per ton.

The new discovery means almost beyond doubt that there is four thousand feet of extremely high grade ore in the vein. Less than a year ago, the Starrs, the father and two sons, and George Gilmore, let it be known that they "had something" on the East Mancos, since which time all the world has been keeping an eye on that region for further discoveries which will confirm the belief that the vein carries an extensive deposit of high grade ore. Now that spring is here and the snow melting in the hills, prospectors, miners and promoters will swarm like ants to the East Mancos and over the entire region known as the La Plata quadrangle.

A big boom is coming. A big mining camp will be built on the Mancos. And what else remains to be seen.

For the past year or more, reports have been coming in of indications of possible rich ore bodies in the Ute Mountain and Battle Rock section of Montezuma County, southwest of Cortez. The most recent of these reports is of the finding of an extremely rich body of silver ore in the heart of Battle Rock itself.

D.M. Kline was down from Rico Wednesday and intimated that there might be things doing in his camp if the price of metals continued to advance. Mr. Kline looks after the interests of the St. Louis Smelting and Refining Co. at Rico.

Wm. A. Kauffman, well known in the Dolores and Rico sections, died at Durango Wednesday. Mr. Kauffman has been ill for several months.

A. P. Denny, one of the respected citizens of the Lebanon section, died at his home about seven o'clock Wednesday morning. Pneumonia was the cause of his illness. Mr. Denny had been a resident of this section for several years and he leaves a family of ten children.