New four-way stop at Third and Maple

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate the four-way stop at Third and Maple. It has been a long time coming. Having said that, I am a little apprehensive of major accidents that may occur in the near future. People going West and East are not used to stopping and are still unaware of the signs. I experienced this myself coming from main going south on Maple and had come to a complete stop.

It was clear and my turn to proceed when I noticed to my left a black Lincoln doing about 40 mph and having no intention of slowing or stopping. When he went through the stop sign I laid on my horn and I think he flipped me off. He had no idea what he did. If I would have proceeded he would have T-boned me for sure. I would have been the first accident at that spot. People who travel that area frequently need to realize it is a 4 way stop . I just hope people are aware of there surroundings as I was to prevent any injuries. Thank You

Mike Tulio