What are Nowlin’s motives?

As a longtime resident of Montezuma County, I’ve seen a lot of county sheriffs come and go. None have protected the rights of the people like Dennis Spruell. We have a sheriff that is willing to stand up to the overreach of the state and federal government, and it’s about time. So many of our freedoms are being eroded away, and in Sheriff Spruell we have a very capable and fair man who has the guts to say “enough is enough,” and he backs up those words.

It makes me curious why Steve Nowlin believes he needs to challenge Sheriff Spruell. Nowlin has the support of the widely discredited “Rule” wing (read Establishment wing) of the county Republican Party, but this makes me even more suspicious of his motives. Nowlin has a long history in law enforcement, but if you dig just a little bit, it appears that there is much to be concerned with there. Spending more than 20 years in the Colorado State Patrol, primarily as a revenue collector giving out speeding tickets (I jokingly refer to them as meter maids) is not a résumé enhancement. I’m not even sure that he was allowed to provide testimony in state court proceedings, and if that be true, why not? Did something happen that we should know about before we toss out a good sheriff in order replace him with Nowlin, the establishment candidate? He has stated that if he is elected, he will enforce any and all directives handed down by the federal gov or the state Legislature, no questions asked. He will vigilantly enforce the erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights and the closure of our public lands. Nowlin is a huge risk, and the citizenry will not support such stupidity.

David Dove