Let’s stop pretending: Ignorance is bliss

I think it is not yet too late for Montezuma County to fully embrace ignorance. I think we should continue the destruction of the world’s finest educational system. We can chant “We’re No. 1”, but we’re really No. 20, that’s OK. As our first step, I suggest we cease teaching science. We no longer have need of it, especially biology, mathematics and chemistry. They’re the source of all kinds of annoyances, especially since they’re the breeding ground of scientists and critical thinking, and the prevailing opinion in Montezuma County is that we do not need science, and we especially do not need scientists or all those annoying things, they keep telling us. You know what I’m talking about. I think we should then abolish teaching the arts. Since it’s hopeless that we’re going to do anything substantive about the problems facing our nation or the world, or in fact, even talk about them, we don’t need creative people. Plus, like scientists, they keep saying annoying things, and the arts are the bastion of liberal thinking. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s ban some books, then let’s burn them. Ignorance is bliss, and we might as well quicken our embrace. BTW, I’m a registered Republican, and I have been for many years. We need to yank this party even farther to the right.

Wayne Keene