Avoid candidate with arrests – vote Tipton

David Cox recently received just over the 30% necessary to be on the ballot for the Republican primary for the 3rd Congressional seat in Colorado. Those who voted for him deserve to have their voices heard but I wonder how many of the delegates who put him on the ballot know about his numerous run-ins with the law? According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel on April 24, 2010, he has had problems with underage possession of alcohol, obstructing a police officer, disturbing the peace while intoxicated, fraud/criminal impersonation, driving under revocation, no proof of insurance, and fugitive other jurisdiction. Granted some of these offenses occurred when he was quite young, but my 15-year-old daughter already has the skills and good judgment to avoid these pitfalls. Does this sound like the kind of person we want in Congress? I urge all Republican voters to vote for Congressman Scott Tipton in the primary. With all that looms ahead of us in this Republic we don’t need to waste time with individuals who lack the good judgment to avoid multiple arrests and jail time.

Kelly Couey

Silt, Colo.