Dolores 80 years ago

Taken from the Friday, April 27, 1934 pages of the Dolores Star

The Dolores high school was reasonably successful in the 1934 fine arts contest at Durango last week. A total of 23 students made the trip over and entered in the vocal division. Three events in the instrumental division were also contested by Dolores.

The soft ball craze, which has been sweeping the country for the past year or so, has hit Dolores and sessions are held frequently at the school grounds. Aspiring young ball players and a number of has-beens who should know better are to be seen there each evening cavorting around after the elusive horsehide spheroid.

The school calendar is crowded with events for the remainder of the year. Among some of the more important include the senior class of Dolores high school presenting its annual class play, "The Eighteen Carat Boob," on Friday night of this week. The play is light and entertaining, and promises to be an excellent performance.

The pupils of Stoner Creek school were in town Tuesday and called at the Star office where they learned something about the mechanical operation of a newspaper plant. The youngsters were accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. I. P. Palmer and Miss Nellie Millard. They were interested by the gyrations of the linotype machine as well as by the mysteries of the cylinder press, job press, casting box and the like. The students were brought her for diphtheria immunization and incidentally made a picnic of it.

H. D. Brindle, head of the government home loan corporation in the San Juan basin, was a caller at the Star office Tuesday. Mr. Brindle reports the home loan part of the "new deal" working out splendidly and both the borrowers and the folks receiving bonds, in lieu of cash, very well satisfied.

C.D. Heaton was over from Cortez Tuesday evening and conducted his mining class. He will be here again this Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the high school basement. Everyone interested in mining should attend.

Albert Stamphel was down from Rico Monday, driving a new Plymouth sedan.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rowe, of Cortez, were visiting in Dolores Wednesday.

W. W. Smalling of Cortez was transacting business in our town last Friday.

Mrs. Avon Denham and her mother, Mrs. Harry Pyle, were Cortez visitors Monday.

Mrs. John Claflin was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Thomas yesterday.

George Taylor says he should know better, but he put out some tomato plants Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Akin and son, Leroy, returned from the camp in McElmo Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Akin, accompanied by Miss Evelyn Akin, spent Friday in Durango.

The Methodist church is being redecorated on the inside this week. The work is being done by Jake Swenk.