Come Back to Our Valley A few developments as the century turned

I decided to look at a particular time period this go around.

August 1998 - Glenda Humiston, daughter of Glenn and Ann Humiston, (Ann later passed away) was named Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment to oversee USDA activities.

Donitta Blackstone, daughter of Ira and Bea Cox passed away in an automobile accident. Survivors at that time included sisters Lesta Moor and Ruth Ann Cox and brothers Don and Linden.

September 1998 - The new pastor of the First Baptist Church, Paul Wilson, was officially installed. He came to Mancos from Azlee, Texas.

Rev. Thomas Noeson returned to Mancos for a Day of Prayer. He was the pastor at St. Rita's from 1982-86.

October 1998 - Grace Kennedy and Travis Koppenhafer were chosen homecoming queen and king.

The Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce named Ann Humiston and Mike Fleming Citizens of the Year.

November 1998 - The Absolute Bakery opened with Peter and Joan Brinda'mour in charge.

Ray Martinez was recovering from injuries suffered when he was hit by a car in Mancos.

December 1998 - The Colorado Historical Society named the Bauer bank Building owner and renovator, Charlie Mitchell, (who passed on later) as the 1998 recipient of the Stephen Hart Preservation Award.

The Mancos School district banned corporal punishment.

Mae Willden passed away at the age of 94.

January 1999 - Local wainwright, Will Stone, (Will was recently elected to be a trustee on the town board) completed a pair of Concord stagecoaches that would be used to transport guests on a California ranch to a nearby restaurant.

Lance Koppenhafer, a graduate of Mancos High, was awarded the Louis Mordell Memorial Buckle at the ninth annual Cowboy Classic in Pinedale, Wyo.

February 1999 - Preparations were being made to restructure Mancos Family Medicine.

Russell and Fay Culp celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. (Before Russell recently passed away they were able to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.)

The Mancos Fire and Rescue was moving to the old Forest Service Ranger Station. Fire chief Lyle Cox stated, "The main reason is there's more room."

Darrel Ellis is a longtime historian of the Mancos Valley. Email him at