School News: Schools abuzz with the rites of spring

Students at Dolores Elementary School went to class Friday dressed as doctors, lawyers, policemen, scientists and more. It was the annual career day, and students were thrilled to have Mancos student Easton LaChappelle give a talk.

LaChappelle has made quite the stir as the high school student who printed a prosthetic arm with his 3-D printer. His project, which has grown into a robotic arm controlled by your mind, has gone all the way to the International Science Fair and to the science fair at the White House.

And that is what seemed to impress the students most.

"His hand got to shake hands with the president," many exclaimed after LaChappelle's talk.

Some students got to shake hands with the robotic hand tool.

Pranksters who recycle

The senior prank this year was a good one. Staff and students walked into the halls last week to discover thousands of balloons, thousands of cups and lots of confetti and streamers. The balloons were held up with cling wrap, and the cups were stacked in elaborate pyramids. Seniors were adamant that the decorations stay up, so they did. That is until music started to play at lunch, seniors started to dance and then all the balloons came down at once, along with confetti. The scene unfolded in front of a packed crowd as students readied to go to the next class after lunch.

The seniors stated after school to clean up and even had plans to use the balloons at the middle school dance that night. Way to go, Class of 2014, you made all of us smile.

It's prom weekend

This weekend is prom. Doors open at 7 p.m. Saturday, and the Grand March is at 8 p.m. The dance lasts until midnight and students have an after-party at the Fiesta Movie Theater in Cortez. Students can ride the bus to the theater and enjoy a free screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Students started decorating the gym for the dance this week. The theme is the Great Gatsby.

Shannon Livick