Dolores 80 years ago

Taken from the Friday, May 4, 1934, pages of the Dolores Star

The federal emergency relief office has been established in Dolores and the building at the rear of the Del Rio hotel is being fitted out for this purpose. Harry Kauffman, who has recently been appointed administrator for Dolores and Montezuma counties is making his headquarters here and will have charge of all phases of relief activities. Rent on the Brumley building will be paid by subscriptions from the various business houses of Dolores. It will be several days before the office will be organized to handle all relief matters rapidly but this will be accomplished as soon as possible.

Voters of the various school districts in the county, and the entire state for that matter, will decide next Monday, between the hours of one and four o'clock, who are to fill the positions of secretary for the ensuing three years. Following the election business, meetings will be held at which tax levies are to be made and any business of the districts may be brought up for discussion.

The Glades CCC camp, which was moved from here last fall to southern Arizona has been returned and is once more in operation at Beaver Creek, eighteen miles north of Dolores. Few of the original personnel are with the camp now. Lieutenant C. V. Rice is the only officer remaining with the camp who was here last summer. Lieut, E. H. Brusa is in charge of the camp, as commander. It is understood that there will be about 200 men in the organization when it is built up to full strength. Roads building, fence building and pine beetle elimination will be the chief occupation of the men.

Floyd Ogletree left Wednesday morning for Detroit, Mich., where he will receive a new Dodge truck which he will drive home. It will be a fine trip if the traffic is not too much for him. But a man should be able to hold his own with a truck.

A wedding of interest to Dolores folk took place at Cortez Monday morning, when Miss Bernice Morrison became the bride of Albert (Paddy) Leavell. Mrs. Leavell is the daughter of Mrs. Maggie Morrison and Mr. Leavell, the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Leavell, of Lewis. This young couple are known over the county and popular with all who know them. The Star joins their many friends in wishing them all good things in their life together.