Salsa bike demo draws crowd at Phil’s World

Keith Evans prepares a bike for the trail at Phil’s World during a mountain bike demonstration Wednesday. Enlargephoto

Sam Green/Cortez Journal

Keith Evans prepares a bike for the trail at Phil’s World during a mountain bike demonstration Wednesday.

Every mountain biker dreams of riding high tech bikes down scenic trails: Thanks to a bike demonstration event at Phil’s World on April 30, a few lucky riders were given that chance.

Hosted by Salsa Bike Co., the demonstration offered riders the opportunity to test several models of Salsa bikes that are currently sold at Kokopelli Bike and Board.

Among the bikes available for testing were several Salsa fat bikes, as well as recently developed full suspension mountain bikes that are becoming increasingly popular in the mountain biking community.

Based in Minnesota, the Salsa bike company prides itself on producing high quality products that allow riders of all levels and abilities to enjoy the many thrills that mountain biking offers.

“Lots of different bike companies make bikes for a lot of different reasons,” explained Salsa representative Brian Hanson. “The reason that we make bikes is because we’re excited about the sense of adventure that mountain biking offers.”

Among the many riders who tested a Salsa bike during the demonstration was David Jones, who, after filling out a waiver and examining a variety of Salsa cycles, climbed aboard a blue bike and sped down a Phil’s World trail.

Clearly enjoying the smooth ride that his demo bike offered, Jones sailed easily over rocks in the trail while smiling all the way.

According to Kokopelli Bike and Board representative Keith Evans, the bike Jones was riding, as well as many other Salsa models, are currently for sale at Kokopelli.

“(Salsa) makes great bikes,” said Evans. “Their products are high quality, which is one of the main reasons that we sell them.”

Currently traversing the western part of the country with demo bikes, Hanson spoke glowingly regarding the climate and terrain in the Cortez area.

“I just feel blessed to be out here in this mecca of mountain biking in Southwest Colorado,” said Hanson.

Individuals interested in learning more about Salsa bikes are encouraged to stop by Kokopelli Bike and Board or visit Salsa’s website at