Thanks for success of Pets’ Sake yard sale

The huge For Pets’ Sake Spring Yard Sale was another huge success!

We took in over $8,400 to help the cats and dogs in our area. Thank you, thank you, thank you to lots of folks! We had over 45 volunteers helping out – it’s a huge amount of work, and all of you made it go smoothly. We don’t know how many generous donors we had – but obviously you brought lots of good things for people to buy. And we had so many buyers we couldn’t have counted them even if we had wanted to! Also, a warm thank you to Mark Rogers and Great Companies, the owner of the building and to the dedicated crew of Renew, Inc.. Once again they brought their own squadron of volunteers at the end of the sale to help pack up all of the remaining items. These “leftovers” now have a new life in their thrift store in Dolores and will raise funds to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. When we work together, it all works!

Marian Rohman

Pets’ Sake Humane Society