County Clerk & Recorder Candidate Questionnaire: Marquez

Name: Judy Marquez

Age: 56

Telephone: 970-882-7384


Website: Not listed

1. List three action items you’d introduce to guarantee the people’s right to know?

Cross train all employees to cover all work areas to help service the customers more efficiently.

Maintain experience by retaining current staff and continue to build knowledge through training.

Improve public relations

2. If elected, what would be your top priorities as clerk & recorder?

My top priority would be “To serve All the people of Montezuma County equally.”One of the biggest complaints I hear when going to the clerk and recorder’s office are the long lines with extended wait times. Implementation of cross training and good public relations would provide faster service in the clerk’s office.

3. List the office’s top three needs, and what steps would you take to address those concerns? The top three needs would be cross training, retaining experienced staff and to improve public relations. When there is heavy foot traffic in the clerk’s office and not enough personnel to service those customer’s, it creates tension for the employees and for the customer. With good cross training for all employees, the customer’s could be taken care of more efficiently and quickly. Retaining experienced staff and providing them with quality customer service training would improve service and create a friendly atmosphere. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. No one wants to have a bad experience whenever they conduct any type of transaction. Fast, friendly service will always set your organization apart from other offices.

4. What are your thoughts on transitioning from the traditional polling place to a mail-in ballot system?

Traditional polling places in people’s precincts need to be staffed all day by volunteers or paid personnel. There are 11 precincts staffed by 3 volunteers but it could be difficult to find people to volunteer their time as well as costly to hire and train people for the position. Some voters like to go to the polling places to cast their ballot but if the weather is bad there could be a low voter turnout. Mail in ballots get to the voters earlier, they can study the issues, take their time and not be rushed. Mail in saves the county money and there is a higher number of return ballots. The down side to the mail in ballot is people forget to return them before the deadline. Any voter still wanting to vote at a polling place could still go to city hall in Dolores or Mancos and the clerk’s office in Cortez.

5. List your expertise and/or qualifications that set you apart from other candidates.

I was employed for 33 years in various capacities at First National Bank, Cortez. I have many years of customer service experience and feel I would bring a great deal of expertise to the clerk’s office. Quality customer care is very important to me and something I enjoy doing. Part of my experience as the Assistant Cashier of the bank included working with budgeting, report filing and balancing of general ledger accounts and monitoring investment purchases, sales and payments. For the last twelve years at the bank I was the Compliance Officer. Compliance gave me expertise in how to implement, oversee and comply with the laws and regulations. Once policy and procedures were written and training completed it was my job as internal auditor to audit the different departments to ensure compliance in all areas. All of the experience I have listed sets me apart from the other candidate making me very qualified for the Montezuma County Clerk and Recorder position. Being the County Clerk and Recorder is a very important job covering so many important areas. The Clerk and Recorders office is where every legal document is recorded and kept as an important part of the history of real and personal property in Montezuma County and so much more. Every election is run according to Colorado Statutes because of the clerk and recorder’s office.