County Assessor Candidate Questionnaire: Davis

Name: William “Scott” Davis

Age: 64

Telephone: 970-565-3428


Website: Not listed

1. List three action items you’d introduce to guarantee the people’s right to know:

A. Insure Access to Information:

1. Improve the on-line data base to allow the public better access to information;

2. Continue to improve and expand our “open door” policy that supports and welcome’s the public’s right to obtain information.

3. Provide the public with customized data information in various formats.

B. Provide Education:

1. Explain how the assessment process works, to improve understanding of the State’s mandated requirements to discover, list, classify and value;

2. Provide information on how the property’s value affects taxation to prevent any misconceptions that may exist.

C. Provide Conflict Resolution:

1. Encourage the public to visit or call the Assessor’s office and express any concerns or questions they may have;

2. Follow uniform conflict resolution procedures to insure that everyone is treated fairly and equally.

2. If elected, what would be your top priorities as assessor?

A. Accurately and equitably value all properties;

B. Improve public access and communication;

C. Identify problems and seek resolutions;

D. Insure the efficient operation of the Assessor’s office;

E. Prepare budgets and meet budget requirements;

F. Assist and work cohesively with the public, media, county and state agencies;

G. Insure that Montezuma County continues to pass the Colorado-mandated audit requirements, while keeping property values assessed at the lowest level possible.

3. List the office’s top three needs, and what steps would you take to address those concerns?

A. Improve the outdated software system, to improve accuracy and provide information to the public and staff. This would allow the office to provide more efficient and seamless coordination of information that is provided to the Treasurer’s Office.

B. Increase cross-training, to insure that staff members are always available to perform job functions and assist when certain areas have additional needs due to deadlines and reporting requirements.

C. Insure that there is sufficient staff to meet the needs of the public and reporting requirements.

4. How would you respond and resolve assessment evaluations and/or disputes raised by residents?

A. Carefully listen to concerns and questions expressed and reiterate what has been expressed to improve communication;

B. Investigate and examine these concerns and questions and correct any errors;

C. Provide the resulting information to all parties involved and explain how the values were derived;

D. Respond to any additional questions;

E. If conflicts or resolutions cannot be reached within the Assessor’s office, provide the taxpayers with information and/or forms to seek further resolution of the dispute, thereby providing them with additional resolution options.

5. Do you plan to pursue the Kinder Morgan tax dispute? Why or why not?

A. The Montezuma County Commissioners and Assessor’s Office have already committed to pursuing the current Kinder Morgan tax dispute in the Colorado State Court of Appeals.

B. Because Kinder Morgan’s tax revenues contribute a major portion of the tax revenues in this county, it is imperative that they be accurately and fairly assessed to insure that all taxpayers are treated equally. (I have arranged an audit for the fall of 2014 with Kinder Morgan, the Forensic C.P.A., and Assessor’s staff to insure that they are accurately assessed);

C. If additional reporting discrepancies are discovered as a result of any audits, I would work with Kinder Morgan first to try to resolve these discrepancies. If a resolution cannot be reached, and I feel that there is strong evidence to back-up the assessed valuation, I would recommend taking further action to correct these discrepancies.

6. List your expertise and/or qualifications that set you apart from other candidates:

A. I have 7 years additional experience and have performed the duties of Assessor.

B. I hold a higher-level of license that has required me to perform many more hours of coursework, increased my knowledge, and enabled me to perform more complex appraisals;

C. In my experience as Deputy Assessor for the past 11 years, I have been responsible for insuring that the county meets the state’s mandated audit of our values. I have the knowledge and experience to set these values at the lowest levels possible, while insuring that we meet the statistical requirements of these audits.

D. I have supervised and hired staff and had management experience in the Assessor’s office.

E. I have experience in assisting in the preparation of the budget recommendations for the Assessor’s office and the responsibility of overseeing this budget.

F. I have assisted and developed reports that enable the Assessor’s office to provide all necessary reports and information in a timely manner.

G. Both current candidates were interviewed to fill the Assessor’s position created when Mark Vanderpool left office. After reviewing our qualifications and experience, I was fortunate to be selected to fill this position.

H. I have the support and endorsement of Mark Vanderpool, who feels that I am the most qualified candidate for this position.