Sheriff stoops to dirty tricks

Once again Sheriff Dennis Spruell has resorted to lies and misinformation in an attempt to retain his position. Sheriff Spruell and his band of followers have been telling prospective voters that Steve Nowlin is anti-gun and in favor of doing away with concealed carry permits. This is incredibly disgraceful on the part of Sheriff Spruell. Steve Nowlin has been a hunter’s education instructor and NRA member for twenty plus years. Apparently Sheriff Spruell has no platform to run on and his record of mismanagement and flawed decision making has led him to lie and make false accusations in a cheap attempt at retaining his position. I would encourage Sheriff Spruell to quit with dirty politics and win or lose based on his record and beliefs. It’s time to quit being the puppet of some fringe organization. Sheriff Spruell it’s your job to make Montezuma County look good and you have failed!

Jonathan Mclain