Vote today for change at sanitation district

It is with rather bemused detachment that I am following the antics of certain Sanitation district board members. As the former director of public works for Cortez I have had the opportunity in interact with all the members of the board on a professional and personal level. The actions of Messrs. Waters, Kimble and Stramel do remind me of another more famous and talented trio: Larry, Moe and Curly Joe. I must applaud their dedication to their over-riding cause which is fighting City Hall.

As Waters and Kimble are up for re-election to Cortez Sanitation District Board, I feel the need to remind voters that these three dubious developers are responsible for the wonderful Brandon’s gate development which, when city staff attempted to enforce development regulations, led to the rather well -known lawsuit against the city. Upon their resounding defeat in federal court, this ambitious trio then instigated the rather infamous recall election of incumbent members of City Council. This action provided this trio the ability to learn how to use spell check on their campaign posters. An education well worth the effort as noted by my teen-aged daughter in a previous letter to the editor.

These gentleman have now presided over a damaging and ill thought rate increase to patrons of the sanitation district. It is time to throw Waters and Kimble off the board, along with their misplaced and misguided agenda. I fully support Ryan Griglaks’ candidacy for the board and feel he will provide reasoned and competent guidance for the board as it moves forward to tackle this vexing rate structure issue. While I do not know the other two candidates I’m sure they would provide better representation than either Waters or Kimble.

Citizens of Cortez, now is your chance to break up the stooge act which has done nothing but seek to harm the city of Cortez and its good citizens. Vote!

Jack Nickerson

Colorado Springs