Mother’s journey: ‘That takes an incredible person’

Naomi Zwicker came from Hawaii to a McElmo Canyon ranch, where she became a pillar of strength for her large family.

She moved to the area in November many years ago and had to adjust to a ranching life far away from her own family and her own upbringing.

“That takes an incredible person,” said her daughter Melissa Tanner.

She also faced hard circumstances after losing four of her 11 children.

She lost two of her children to illness and two to accidents.

Despite those losses, she was able to comfort her remaining children and has been a true inspiration to her family, Tanner said.

She looks up to mother for being honest, patient and truly giving.

“I think when life is hard it makes people hard and she’s not one of those people,” said her daughter-in-law Brittanie Zwicker

Zwicker’s children range in ages from mid-40s to early 20s and she also has 21 grandchildren.

Mary Shinn