Sinclair owner addresses commissioners

Beleaguered property owner Ray McCarty told Montezuma County commissioners on Monday that he would continue his fight against the oil cartels.

"I'm going to hammer it as long as I can hammer it," McCarty said Monday, May 12. "It's unjust."

For nearly an hour, McCarty addressed commissioners about a dispute over his land contaminated with gasoline on U.S. 160. He asked commissioners if they'd force the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety to implement fines against Fraley & Co., for failed cleanup measures.

"Crimes have been committed against property owners of this county," he said.

McCarty operated Wild Wild Rest, which consisted of a Sinclair Gas station and convenience store between Mancos and Mesa Verde National Park.

The Sinclair closed in 2004. In 2006, Fraley, of Cortez, was deemed responsible for removing the tanks.