Dolores 80 years ago

Taken from the Friday, May 18, 1934, pages of the Dolores Star.

Next Thursday, May 24, the Dolores High School will graduate what is probably the largest class in the history of the school. At that time 18 seniors will receive diplomas certifying that they have completed in satisfactory manner the work of the four years in high school. On Tuesday, May 22, diplomas will be awarded to 21 members of the eighth grade class. Both of the commencement exercises and the baccalaureate service will be held in Memorial hall this year.

The regular spring session of district court has been in action at Cortez this week and it is expected that it will adjourn today. Judge John B. O'Rourke is presiding. The case of Wedell, Runck and Glenn against Grange Mutual Insurance Co., claim granted in full. This case comes of the burning of the Mesa Verde Apple Packers Co. warehouse and shed here some months ago. The insurance company will pay the full amount of the claim unless the decision is reversed by a high court. Also, the case of the people of the state of Colorado, the International Trust Co., vs. W. W. Dunlap and United Fidelity and Guaranty Co., for wrongful sale of horses under execution was being heard as the paper went to press.

J.R. Brundage, coach at CCC camp, F. 28-C, Beaver, issued a challenge to any basin baseball team. He has a good team and wishes to meet any of the town teams, including Dolores, Cortez, Mancos, Durango, or any of the other CCC camps.

Cattlemen are moving their herds from the lower winter ranges to summer range these days and several bunches have been brought up this week, including Majors, Bogolino, Squires and Akin herds. Cattle are all in splendid condition for this time of year.

Vincent E. St. Claire has the erection of the new building to house his liquor store well along.The building is going up adjoining the Masonic building on Fourth Street and is to be of adobe-stucco construction. Merl Longwill is helping with the work.

Work on Newell Musgrave's new residence on Sixth Street has been progressing nicely the past few days. W. H. Goodall is in charge of the job and is putting up a neat little residence.

Floyd Ogletree returned Sunday from his trip to Detroit, where he went to get a new Dodge truck. Floyd made the journey without difficulty and is well pleased the new machine which he will use on the McPhee log haul.

Those desiring employment in CCC camps should file their applications at the local emergency relief administration office, according to Harry Kauffman, who is in charge. Only men who have not previously been employed in these camps will be considered.