Osprey generously gives back to community

It is wonderful to be the recipient of this local sale, and Osprey is so very generous to choose the Cortez Cultural Center. We will be using the proceeds from the sale to support our upcoming program season. On May 24 and 25 – we will host the 14th Annual Indian Arts & Culture Festival and Rug Auction, which will include several performances by our Native American Dancers. In the month of June, we will have four weeks of Summer Camp for children 6-12 years old. This exciting program will offer music, art, water science and adventures at Hawkins Preserve. Find out about these programs at cortezculturalcenter.org or call 970-565-1151. The financial support of our good friend and partner, Osprey Packs – means a lot to us at the Cortez Cultural Center and helps us to fulfill our mission and to continue to serve the community with great programs. Thank you, Osprey Packs!

Donna Steward

Executive Director Cortez Cultural Center