Support Bill Waters for LPEA board

During his life in Durango, Bill Waters has seen many changes. Among them is the need for clean, renewable and affordable energy.

Bill is a hard-working, dedicated businessman who understands how million-dollar businesses operate. He is committed to work for you as he has for Wagner Equipment for 37 years. (Not one sick day in all those years!)

Bill understands the nature of LPEA in that it is a distributor of electricity that it purchases. In other words, LPEA is not a generator of electricity. The business model is for LPEA to purchase power (and it certainly can be from renewable resources) and get it to you, all the community members. LPEA has a contract with Tri-State, which is an electricity generation company, that ends in 2050. Bill understands that because of this contract, LPEA can purchase only up to 5 percent of electricity locally from its members. He will work to maximize that percentage, as well as work to reduce Tri-State's reliance on coal. We all want clean air.

Bill is committed to the community to provide clean, renewable, and affordable energy to all, especially those on fixed incomes and those with financial burdens, and unfortunately there are many in our community.

Bill has no agenda or special interests, just the desire to work hard for LPEA, its members and its employees. He understands the importance in keeping good people and building morale to keep a company strong.

A vote for Bill is a vote for a man with common sense! As stated, he understands Durango as well as the need for clean, renewable affordable energy. Bill will work with the other LPEA board members to provide this. Please vote for Bill in the LPEA election.

Jim Fiala, and Concerned Citizens for Bill Waters