Look to the voters and greater education

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I would like to applaud the Cortez City Council for finally, after five years of being asked to take this kind of issue to the people, considering the process. Yes, cannabis is legal in the state to grow and possess, but each municipality does not have to take part in the commercialization of a counter-culture.

If you look at the statistics, the City Council is not “dragging their feet” as the shop owner states, as by the numbers, Amendment 64 would have failed in Montezuma County. The people have the right to decide how they want it dealt with in the city. What we would like to see, and the council has backed away from this idea for the same five years we have been asking for a vote, is for community education. Not law enforcement propaganda education, but true medical and scientific reasoning as to why our youth needs to stay away from the plant until their receptors are formed. Then allowing them to make a responsible decision instead of one that can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

I am sure the majority of the community would agree that the only way to protect the youth is to educate them properly.

Jami Boyd