Fishing report Jackson Gulch stocked with 5,000 rainbows

Mancos State Park and Jackson Gulch Reservoir

On April 16, 5,000 10-inch rainbow trout were stocked in Jackson Gulch Reservoir. Fishing should be great for these newly stocked rainbow trout. Fishing has been good for 10-to-12-inch rainbow trout and 6-to-7-inch yellow perch. Nightcrawlers, earthworms, meal worms, and various powerbaits have been successful for trout and perch. Small inline spinners or small wet flies have also worked well, especially along the dam. Trout like to hang out around the inlet at the no?rth end of the lake. Perch are small, averaging about 6-to-7 inches, but they make good tacos. There is no limit on the number of perch you keep; the daily limit for tr???out is four. The lake level is now just at the bottom of the boat ramp. If you plan to take your boat out, remember that a prelaunch inspection for Aquatic Nuisance Species is required. Contact the park to arrange an inspection. A park pass is required when utilizing the park. Daily park passes are available at the park entrance.

McPhee Reservoir

McPhee Reservoir is open, and boat inspectors are on site from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week until October.

Miramonte Reservoir

Water level is low, and the boat ramp is closed. Hand-launched crafts are allowed Fishing is good for 8-to-12-inch rainbows.

Fishing from the bank is good with all types of bait. Most fish are in the 8-to-10-inch range.

?Navajo State Park

Crappie fishing is picking up on the Colorado side, but is better on the New Mexico side. The facilities are limited at the boat ramp. The marina, docks, slips, and gas station should be operable before Memorial Day.?

Ridgway State Park

Ridgway was recently stocked with catchable trout.