Ready for the funk?

Rowdy Shadehouse was voted best local band in the Denver area and is known for its dance beat, raunchy lyrics and gravity-defying dance moves.

If there is one thing you should do Saturday before going go see headliner band Rowdy Shadehouse at the Dolores River Festival it should be leave your uncomfortable shoes at home.

That's right folks, dust off your dancing shoes.

Jon Thursday, lead singer for Rowdy Shadehouse, said he is excited to bring his "James Brown-Style Dance Funk" to Dolores.

The band, which heralds from Denver, has been playing their unique, high-energy funk for nearly three years, and they have never been to the Dolores River Festival. But, Thursday said he unbelievable excited.

"We love water and fun," he said.

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"Going out to see live music is often an unpredictable experience, and every once in a while music fans are fortunate enough to witness an act that leaves you completely speechless and desperate for more. The Rowdy Shadehouse is the definition of that act. An almost disco beat was present, so much so that to not dance felt like a sin nearly as evil as Thursday belt," wrote Tim Wenger, from The Scoop 303.

Thursday said those that attend Saturday's concert will be treated to some of the band's favorite songs, such as Friction and Velvet Jesus. He also hopes to bring in some new music.

Thursday said he got into music quite by accident.

He was always an avid concertgoer and grew tired of being disappointed by band performances. He then was inspired one night by a band.

"So I started this band and I had never sang before or dance before," he said.

And now, singing and dancing is Thursday's full-time gig.

"We feel very lucky we were able to do this," he said.

Those that attend the concert will first be surprised by the way the seven-member band is dressed.

"We dress like old-school Van Halen," he laughed.

"But we are just down-to-earth, fun-lovin'' dudes."