Uninformed letter writers look foolish

I had a good laugh when reading Terry Moores’ letter to the editor (Journal, May 30.) He attempted to make a point about how Dexter Gill was “way off base” in his letter (Journal, May 23), but he could not cite any evidence to support his claim. If people would read items they instinctively disagree with before forming an opinion about them, they would look more credible.

Moores confuses his feelings and his preconceived ideology with fact. The hard-core left in this country seem to adore and worship all things “government” and no matter how often federal agencies and bureaucrats demonstrate heavy-handed tactics and gross incompetence, some uninformed citizens can’t hear or comprehend the truth. They do not understand the difference between private and public property and they have become hopelessly mired in convoluted ideologies that cannot tolerate a healthy dose of fact.

I urge writers to set your ideologies aside when researching local and national issues. Take the past into account and read each word carefully instead of rushing to form an opinion without a complete understanding of what you have read.

The law is as Gill explained, but to understand what he wrote, it is necessary to keep an open mind.

David Dove