Town will review RV park land use

High-end resort may open May to November

Mancos may get its first RV park along the north side of Grand Avenue and east of Boyle Park, if the town revises the land use code to allow development.

The land-use revision that would allow the project to move forward received approval from the planning and zoning commission on May 21 and goes before the town board on June 25.

An extensive review process is required because RV parks are not permitted in that area of town, which is formally designated as multi-family residential.

The proposed high-end resort that would be open from May through November prompted the revisions. The RV park is planning for 76 spaces across five acres. The park may be gated and plans to provide electricity, water and sewer would be provided to each RV space. The plans also call for water and sewer dump service for the general public, according to planning and zoning meeting minutes.

The changes would impact all the land currently zoned as multi-family residential. This also includes a parcel across the street from the proposed RV park and another piece of land on the west side of Highway 184 and north of highway business district.

If the land use is approved, the town will ensure guidelines to reduce potential nuisances caused by RV parks are followed. For example, the town would require lights that would be sufficient for safety but would not shine on other property, said Town Administrator Andrea Phillips. Other development requirements could include screening such as trees or large shrubs.

The town administration plans to talk to the immediate neighbors to make sure they are aware of the land use revision.

RV parks are currently only permitted in the agricultural areas, the highway business district by special permit and the areas designated for public development.

"There are very few spots in town where a RV park could go," said Phillips.

Until the town board signs off on the revisions the developer can't apply for a permit to start the project.

The town has scheduled a public hearing on the land use designation on June 25, 7 p.m. at town hall.