Deavers is better qualified for Colorado’s role

Like the assessor race, the coroner primary offers a choice between two people who could do the job. George Deavers, who has spent 11 years as chief deputy coroner, has the edge.

Deavers’ understanding of the cultural factors that come into play in the coroner’s work is better, as is his support for scientific or medical standards for the position, especially in rural areas where support may be a long distance away.

Hall’s desire for a professional system of communicating with the public also is laudable, and every government office should have such a system. He would be an asset to the department as a deputy coroner, a position that would give him an opportunity to learn the practical aspects of how Colorado handles unattended deaths. The Arizona State Police is a very different organization; it is not Arizona’s counterpart to the Montezuma County Coroner’s Office.

Deavers, though, has said he could hit the ground running, and he is right. He has done his apprenticeship; now voters should give him the opportunity to hold the position.