Davis, now acting, should be elected

When former Montezuma County Assessor Mark Vanderpool resigned to work in the private sector, William “Scott” Davis was the employee chosen to fill the role until the 2014 election. He has done a good job and should be elected to a full term.

For the past 12 years, he has served as deputy assessor, a position that has given him a clear understanding of the issues facing the assessor’s office. He can explain them clearly and systematically, and he has concrete ideas for the future.

Both Davis and Cynthia Claytor have expressed positive values for the office: an open door for the public, professionalism, support for employees, equipment and software that improve the functioning of the office. Both have identified problems that need to be corrected. Whichever candidate is elected, that person should listen carefully to the other.

Davis, though, is better equipped to head the office. He has Vanderpool’s support; he has actual experience in the role; he has a vision for the office, including a broad view of the reasons and strategies in the Kinder-Morgan case. He deserves the job.