Campaign spending surpasses donations

Nowlin outpaces Spruell; Candelaria, Davis don’t report

Leading up to the June 24 GOP primary, Montezuma County Republican candidates have disbursed more than $30,000 on campaigns while collecting just over $20,000 from donors.

In the sheriff’s race, challenger Steve Nowlin has outspent incumbent Dennis Spruell by nearly a 2-1 ratio. According to campaign finance records filed with the Colorado Secretary of State on June 3, Nowlin has expended $7,897 throughout his campaign to Spruel’s $4,254. Nearly all the expenditures by Nowlin and Spruell, 95 and 99 percent, respectively, were categorized as advertising – radio ads, yard signs, bumper stickers and booths at the Cortez Gun Show.

Secretary of State records show Nowlin has also outpaced Spruell in campaign contributions. As of June 3, Nowlin had raised $6,980; Spruell, $4,100.

Other campaigns

In the Montezuma County commissioners’ race, Jim Candelaria, who didn’t report contributions with state election officials, has outspent James Lambert, who reported $3,813, by more than $1,000.

In the county tax assessor’s race, William Davis, who also didn’t report contributions, has outspent Cynthia Claytor, who reported a total of $440 from donors, by nearly $4,800.

In the county coroner’s race, George Deavers, who reported $3,000 in contributions, has outspent Michael Hall, who reported $1,200, by more than $4,000.

Attempts to reach Candelaria and Davis for comment for failing to report campaign contributions were unsuccessful.

With 20 donors, Nowlin’s financial supporters include a police officer, ranchers, business people, a teacher, seven retirees, and medical and gaming professionals. Records show Nowlin and his family members contributed a total of $3,500 to his campaign.

With 18 donors, Spruell’s monetary backers include two farmers, a welder, a business owner and a dozen retirees. Records show Spruell took out a $1,200 personal loan for his campaign, and family members contributed a total of $700.

Outside of his family, Nowlin’s biggest donor was Charles Foote, a retiree from Olathe, Colo., who contributed $500 on March 6 and $500 on April 8. Other Nowlin backers who donated $500 include Allan Burnside of Dolores and R.L. Gaddis of Mancos.

Spruell’s largest donor was Mike Kistler, a retiree from Cortez, who gave $100 on Feb. 18 and $500 on March 3. Other who donated $500 to Spruell include Robert Sanders of Mancos, Debbie Boyd of Lewis and Archie Hanson of Cortez.

As of June 3, Nowlin’s campaign reported a negative fund balance of $917, and Spruell’s campaign reported a positive balance of $1,054.