Why people come to the Visitor Center

The most fun part of working in the Visitor Center (VC) is all the wonderful people you meet who are traveling through Mancos.

Most visitors are seeking information about Mesa Verde National Park or the San Juan Skyway. Others are curious to learn about Louis L'Amour. The VC carries many books written by L'Amour, most of which are books that take place in the Four Corners. We also have some biographical information about Louie as well as T-shirts and movies on DVD, and ball caps. Louie L'Amour has an international fan base and people travel to Mancos to have a western experience and see why L'Amour made Mancos his home.

Some folks come to Mancos because they have a family history based in the Valley. Last week, a couple came into town looking for information about a home where the woman's aunt had lived. Her aunt came to Mancos when her husband was hired to work on the Jackson Reservoir. They lived on Bauer. Because the house was on Bauer and the historic walking tour brochure at the VC has a few Bauer Avenue houses featured in it, I pulled out the brochure. Sure enough, the house was one of the featured properties. The couple then mentioned that their aunt said that she was married at house that very beautiful and she called it the Wrightsman House, and once again, I was able to point to that unique historic property in the walking tour brochure.

Check your calendar

Here's a reminder to all those who work in organizations that sponsor community events in the Mancos Valley. The Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center has a community calendar and you are invited to post your events to the calendar. It is a good way to check on what other activities might be happening in the Valley so that you can avoid scheduling conflicts. It is very simple and easy to use, plus it is a free resource. Simply go to www.mancosvalley.com and click on "Events" on the left side of the page. You then click on "Suggest Event" also on the upper left side of the page. A template will appear where you fill in information.

If your event is one that happens weekly, monthly or several day in a row, you can also key in that information at the same time which eliminates the need for doing multiple entries. When you are finished, you click on "Submit," your event will come to the Chamber of Commerce for review and approval for addition to the calendar.

Businesses are welcome to post events. Sales events are not appropriate.

If you have questions, please, call 533-7434 or e-mail the chamber@mancosvalley.com.

Marianne Griffin is the executive director of the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. Contact her at 533-7434.