The jet set

Fun Center adds jet skis to its lineup for McPhee recreation

Robert Barney shows the storage space in one of the Sea Doo jet skis at the Fun Center. With summer beginning, boaters will be looking to enjoy McPhee Reservo

The Fun Center in Dolores is living up to its namesake by expanding inventory to include state-of-the-art jet skis.

An impressive selection of sleek Sea Doos greet customers walking onto the showroom floor.

"Business on them has been picking up," said service manager Bart Small. "We just sold one last week."

The units start in the $5,000-$6,000 range, and are a world away from the traditional jet-ski format of days past.

"They've come a long way, and have a lot more power and maneuverability," Small said.

As a reservoir town, Dolores is an ideal market for the sporty machines.

"McPhee is the second-largest lake in Colorado with a lot of interesting areas and shoreline to explore," Small said.

The four-stroke engines put out 150 to 300 horsepower and have a lot less maintenance. The units can carry up to three passengers, and are powerful enough to pull a water skier or wake boarder.

"These newer models have reverse, a braking system, and can move through pretty shallow water," Small said. "They have a jet-propelled system so there is no propeller."

The units have dry-storage compartments, and carry up to 8 gallons of fuel, enough for all day excursions. Speeds can top out in the 60-70 mph range.

"It is a lot of fun zipping around the local lake on one of these," Small said. "We sell the trailers for them as well."

The Fun Center in Dolores is at 18390 Highway 145 on the east end of town. The shop also does motorcycle, jet-ski, and ATV repairs. Its phone number is 882-7030, or visit its website at