Sheriff’s blotter


Tuesday June 10 11:03 a.m. A deputy patrolling U.S. Highway 160 pulled over a blue Dodge Dart with assistance from a second deputy after dispatch informed him the car was stolen from New Mexico. Both the driver and the passenger were arrested for theft. One of the ladies was also charged with introduction of contraband into a detention facility after a detention deputy found two syringes and a glass smoking pipe in a rest room after she left it.

Second-degree assault/DUI

Sunday June 8 3:38 p.m. An off-duty Cortez police officer reported a red Toyota Corolla had driven through a crowd of about 40 people waiting in line for a carnival ride while a male ran alongside the car holding the passenger-side door. When the car turned east, the man fell and was dragged by the car for a few feet. The officer said he was forced to push people out of the path of the car as it drove through the crowd. After, he helped the injured man. When the deputy arrived, he saw the injured man was bleeding from his head, shoulders and face. The injured man said he and his fiancé had an argument that escalated and she had driven off the fairgrounds. A description of the car was aired on the radio to notify other law-enforcement agencies in the area. When the deputy asked the man if he had been drinking, he said he had just gotten out of jail earlier today and “just drank a few, that’s all.” Medics took the man to the hospital, where a detective interviewed him. The deputy then spoke with other witnesses. One witness was struck by the moving car. She said the hit was painful and may result in bruising and scars. She refused medical treatment on scene. A Mancos Marshal located the driver of the car. The driver told the marshal she had been at the fairgrounds drinking with her boyfriend and she did know he was hanging off the door. A restraining order was in place between the driver and victim. The deputy asked her if she had been drinking, and she said she’d had six beers and a few shots of something strong. The deputy asked her if she would complete voluntary roadside maneuvers, and she said, “Honestly, I refuse any testing of any kind.” The deputy explained the Colorado Express Consent Law and the consequences of refusing; she still refused. The deputy advised the woman of her Miranda Rights, and she said she understood. The deputy then asked her if she would answer questions, and she agreed. The deputy asked the woman to tell him why she drove the car through a crowd of people. She said had been dating the victim for around 3 years and had just gotten engaged. He gets very drunk when he drinks and is annoying, so she tried to get away from him. She said she drove through the crowd “very carefully” and was “only going 15 to 20 mph, not that fast.” The deputy asked her if she knew she had hit at least one other person. She said she did not know she had hit someone and said “there were only about 30 people standing by there.” The deputy arrested the woman for second-degree assault, third-degree assault, domestic violence, DUI, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. The deputy took the woman to the hospital for medical clearance and a mandatory blood draw for the felony. The deputy then went back to the hospital to speak with the victim. The deputy offered victim’s assistance, and the man refused and would not complete the documentation for the assault. When he was medically cleared from the hospital, the deputy arrested the injured man for the violating the restraining order.

Assault on Peace Officer

Thursday June 5 4:00 p.m. A detention deputy was asking a female inmate general booking questions, which she refused to answer. The detention deputy walked around the booking counter to escort her to a holding cell when the inmate requested Gatorade. The detention deputy told the inmate she was going to her holding cell when she said “I will get it myself then” and began walking toward the intake door. The detention deputy attempted to gain control of the inmate, and during the attempt the inmate caused them to both fall to the ground. During this altercation, a corporal arrived to assist the detention deputy. The detention deputy’s left eye was very red. The inmate was arrested for felony assault of a peace officer